Who We Are

We are a collective of coaches and educators with backgrounds ranging from Social Service Work, to Bereavement, Philosophy and Education, who are dedicated to supporting others create joy and health in their lives. We are highly specialized, educated individuals who provide consultation, coaching, support and strategy development for all those whose lives have been affected by eating disorders and their contributing factors. Our mission extends to both the individuals directly affected, as well as those who have a family member or acquaintance experiencing body image distortion, low self-esteem and an eating disorder.

Individual, Family, and Practitioners Support Services​

The Arbutus Collective’s mission and commitment is to educate, support and change the perceptions surrounding disordered eating. Our success and experience is rooted in our collective years of reflective practice in our community working with hundreds of members in the Halton Region. When coupled with stress reduction techniques and the development of a personal support plan, our program assists clients to create positive and lasting change in their lives, as substantiated by results and client testimonials. Our practitioners are passionate about supporting our clients, their families and school communities with our full commitment, integrity and care.

Individual Support

When you spend most of your days preoccupied with body image and low self-esteem, the experience can leave you feeling isolated and afraid. But there are others who understand what you are going through.

If you are suffering emotionally and feel ‘trapped’, we can provide you with a safe and positive space where you are free to explore the most vulnerable aspects of yourself without judgment.

Family and Caregiver Support

Finding ourselves in a position of supporting a person we love who is struggling with disordered eating, self-confidence, body image and low self-esteem can leave us feeling powerless. Often, despite the best intentions, it seems as though everything that is said or done is wrong, or, exacerbates the situation. This can leave caretakers with feelings of guilt and paralysis, and fearing to make a bad situation worse, they may attempt to”go along to get along”.

Nutrition Support

Learning to nourish and listen to your body can be challenging for all. We empower individuals to build healthy relationships with food, understand their body’s needs and take pleasure in all aspects of the meal experience; physical, emotional, and social. Through the principles of mindfulness, self care and intuitive eating, we provide the tools and education needed to promote positive eating behaviours and experiences. Nutrition services are provided by a registered dietitian and are available to both individuals and families.


Located in downtown Burlington, we offer a Binge Eating Support workshop, a MindFitness workshop, and a Caregivers workshop. Our workshops are typically eight weeks in length, and require registration.

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Contact Us

Hours Of Operation: Please contact us for more information. Evenings and Weekends available by appointment only.

Address: 600 Brant Street, Burlington, Ontario L7R 2G9


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Arbutus Collective

600 Brant Street
Burlington, ON
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