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5 Things that make a good coach?

July 30, 2017  - J. Strange

1. Interested in personal growth

Coaching is about helping clients to grow. Coaches don't have to be "perfect" human beings, but do need to be interested in growing, learning, and making things improve. Good coaches pass their positive energy to their clients. 

2. A lover of learning

Because coaching is a form of learning, most successful coaches love learning. They are curious about people and get a thrill from learning a new strategy or solution. 

3. Positive

Coaches have a natural faith that there has to be a better way to a better future. A coach helps their client to see their highest potential and to take positive action. 

4. Mission-driven 

Coaches enjoy having a personal mission, knowing that every day they are making the world a better place and improving the lives of people around them. There's no bigger thrill than seeing one of their clients transforming their life. 

5. A lover of freedom

A good coach is always looking for the opportunity to make their clients rely on their own abilities; to become self empowered.


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