Jorge Strange

Jorge Strange

Self Empowerment

What part do we play in our own mental health?

  • Most of us understand the importance of being physically fit but tend to neglect our emotional and intellectual fitness
  • By learning a system of emotional and intellectual fitness (mental fitness), we create a healthier and more balanced life.
  • Both science and personal experience show us that when we maintain a certain level of physical fitness, we greatly increase our chances of living a healthier and more balanced life. That’s the reason many of us are willing to incorporate some kind of physical activity in our daily lives.
  • Many people get the help of a fitness coach to assist them with their fitness goals, particularly when they have not yet developed the habit of exercising.
  • We all know that if we neglect our physical fitness, our quality of life diminishes. In the worst case scenario, we end up having to seek medical help for something that could have been prevented.
  • Interestingly enough, most of us never consider our level of mental fitness; our psychological strength, or lack thereof. For some reason, we tend to leave it to chance, and like the physical aspect, if neglected, we could end up seeking therapy or medical treatment.
  • Most times, we are reacting to some of the consequences of things that are usually within our reach to prevent.

Most of us know what to expect when hiring a (physical) fitness coach, but do we know what to expect from an emotional and intellectual fitness coach; an Empowerment Coach?


  • As an Empowerment Coach, my focus is to help you build incremental psychological strength; your personal Intellectual and Emotional Fitness Program.
  • My Strategic approach helps you understand and act on meeting your emotional needs. Often, when we say “life happens”, it usually means that we are constantly preoccupied with our daily demands, we don’t take the time to consider the impact that neglecting our emotional needs can have on us.
  • Emotional fitness is achieved when we understand what those needs are, and engage in the practice of meeting those needs, at the appropriate time.
  • Intellectual fitness is developed through the practice of examining your own assumptions about your life in this world. This reflective practice builds an appropriate system that challenges such assumptions; where did they originate? who has influenced them? under what circumstances did you adopt such beliefs? and so on.
  • Much like a self-defence program in martial arts where you learn to protect yourself against an unexpected physical attack, an emotional and intellectual self-defence program teaches you how to protect yourself from thoughts, beliefs, and messages that you might have adopted when you were in a vulnerable position; an intense emotional state, like fear or anger. You’ll know you are getting results when you become less vulnerable to adopting someone else’s beliefs, such as those found in the mass media, social media, and traditional practices.

• How long have you been living someone else’s life?
• Let’s get you to write your own story; your own wants and needs!
• This is your road to self-empowerment.

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