Jorge Strange

Jorge Strange

Healthy Lifestyle & Empowerment Coach

About Jorge

As a Healthy Lifestyle and Empowerment Coach, Jorge supports, mentor and empowers you to take responsibility for your health and cultivate positive lifestyle choices.

The aim is to help you set goals that will lead to a healthy lifestyle, rather than regularly feeling sick and being treated after the fact.

When working with you, Jorge will:

  • Assess the specific factors surrounding your health and wellness including the social, cultural, physical environment, and individual characteristics and behaviours that inform your decisions.
  • Provide appropriate coaching in order to develop proactive behaviour-change, relevant to your conditions, preferences, goals and stage in the life cycle.
  • Introduce you to strategies and techniques that empower you with motivation, inspiration, clarity, insight, and the skills necessary to create sustainable change.
  • Build a strong coaching relationship to support, inspire, engage and motivate you along your path to health.
  • Coach you on the importance of a positive mindset and behavioural well-being.
  • Practice within the scope of professional competence, legal, ethical and safety parameters, due diligence, and accepted wellness coaching practices.
  • Build strong coaching relationships with individuals, families and groups in order to effect empowerment and positive behaviour change to help individuals and their families benefit from appropriate health and wellness supports.
  • formulate on-going professional development strategies in order to keep practices current and relevant, to further the aims of clients and to contribute to an on-going evolution of the field of wellness coaching.
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Jorge has dedicated most of his adult life trying to understand how to challenge the negative psychological impacts of stereotypes and misunderstood individual behaviour.

He spends most of his waking hours reflecting on the role that image plays in personal and institutional judgments about the individual, which in extreme cases takes the form of profiling or even criminalization that is largely based on misconstrued notions of image.  Jorge’s dedication to this issue has set him on his long journey of inquiry into the subject of body image, self-perception and other factors contributing to eating disorders. This inquiry has led Jorge to the formal studies of Philosophy, Political Science, Social Change, Individual and Systemic Advocacy, Leadership and Strategic Intervention. All these disciplines have informed the development of Jorge’s unique and innovative approach to personal growth.

Jorge specializes in supporting those experiencing challenges with body image, self-doubt, and its relationship to eating. Jorge is proud to be one of the very few professional coaches working with males of all ages who, along with their female counterparts are defying cultural stereotypes and confronting the societal pressures they face. Many men today are courageously challenging traditional notions of masculinity, including image. This has inspired Jorge to create Selfempowered, a practice based on the premise that individuals are resourceful enough to find ways to deal with their challenges. This resourcefulness can be maximized through the coaching of a qualified and committed interventionist. Jorge refers to his personal empowerment system as “the martial arts of the mind and spirit”.

Soon after creating Selfempowered, Jorge envisioned a bigger project that could more effectively meet the demands in the community. This lead Jorge to co-found The Arbutus Collective; a collective of coaches and health practitioners with backgrounds ranging from Social Service Work, to Nutrition, Strategic Intervention and Philosophy, who are dedicated to supporting others create joy and health in their lives.

Jorge Strange holds a BA (Hon) in Philosophy and Political Science from McMaster University. He is a Certified Strategic Interventionist with The Robbins-Madanes Training Centre, and has earned a certificate of Mentorship in the Humanities Leadership Program at McMaster University. Jorge has worked as a dedicated volunteer at Danielle’s Place in Burlington, a support and resource centre for those touched by eating disorders.

Jorge’s additional studies include Individual and Systemic Advocacy at Humber College, as well as consensus decision-making, conflict resolution, anti-oppression, Indigenous studies and Women’s Studies courses. Jorge holds a Black Belt in the Shito-Ryu style of Karate. He is also Certified Personal Training Specialist and member of Canfitpro.

Jorge Teaches 3 Classes

Binge Eating: Why do we engage in the practice of hoarding (food) and how to change it!


Jorge teaches a Binge Eating immersion class that gives you strategies you can begin to implement immediately.

  • The classes are meant to train yourself to immediately apply strategies. They are not meant to cover vast amounts of information for you to take home to hopefully use one day. The goal is to identify barriers in your life and agree on the best course of action to defeat those barriers. You will practice in class, not only when you get home. Participants should be willing to become mindful and active participants in their own lives and not just passive consumers of information.


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Emotional and Intellectual Fitness Class


Jorge teaches a kind of psychological self-defense class that builds the incremental emotional and intellectual fitness necessary to challenge disorder in our lives.



  • Most of us understand the importance of being physically fit but tend to neglect our emotional and intellectual fitness
  • By learning a system of emotional and intellectual fitness (mental fitness), we create a healthier and more balanced life.
  • Both science and personal experience show us that when we maintain a certain level of physical fitness, we greatly increase our chances of living a healthier and more balanced life. That’s the reason many of us are willing to incorporate some kind of physical activity in our daily lives.
  • Many people get the help of a fitness coach to assist them with their fitness goals, particularly when they have not yet developed the habit of exercising.
  • We all know that if we neglect our physical fitness, our quality of life diminishes. In the worst case scenario, we end up having to seek medical help for something that could have been prevented.
  • Interestingly enough, most of us never consider our level of mental fitness; our psychological strength, or lack thereof. For some reason, we tend to leave it to chance, and like the physical aspect, if neglected, we could end up seeking therapy or medical treatment.


What you learn:

  • Build incremental psychological strength; your personal Intellectual and Emotional Fitness Program.
  • Understand and act on meeting your emotional needs. Often, when we say “life happens”, it usually means that we are constantly preoccupied with our daily demands, we don’t take the time to consider the impact that neglecting our emotional needs can have on us.
  • Emotional fitness is achieved when we understand what those needs are, and engage in the practice of meeting those needs, at the appropriate time.
  • Intellectual fitness is developed through the practice of examining your own assumptions about your life in this world. This reflective practice builds an appropriate system that challenges such assumptions; where did they originate? who has influenced them? under what circumstances did you adopt such beliefs? and so on.
  • Much like a self-defence program in martial arts where you learn to protect yourself against an unexpected physical attack, an emotional and intellectual self-defence program teaches you how to protect yourself from thoughts, beliefs, and messages that you might have adopted when you were in a vulnerable position; an intense emotional state, like fear or anger. You’ll know you are getting results when you become less vulnerable to adopting someone else’s beliefs, such as those found in the mass media, social media, and traditional practices.


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Men’s Body Image: Challenging Myths and Antiquated Notions of Masculinity


  • We simply uncover cultural and societal traps we usually fall into and create individualized and group exercises to change it. That’s it! No secret formula  – just good ideas and practice!
  • We will tease out and destroy useless ideas of conformity. Most men go through life caring for everyone else first while internally, we conduct a juggling act between who we are, what we do, and what we think we should be or do…sound familiar?
  • Just bring your perceived limitations and add a committed coach to the mix who will not let you “do it later”
  • This is for those who are tired of describing the problem and are ready to develop a regimen!


For more information, call 416-873-4349, or email

For more information, call 416-873-4349, or email

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