Rebecca Rechtorik

Rebecca Rechtorik

Recovery Coach

When we strive to improve, often times we look to a coach to assist in the process. The journey to a healthy, balanced life is no different. It is assumed that we have been taught, and therefore possess the important skills to achieve balance. The statistics paint a different picture. With so many individuals struggling with body dissatisfaction, low self-esteem, unhealthy and punitive relationships with food and exercise, and disordered eating, it became clear to Rebecca that there is a need for additional resources. Individuals need support in their journey to whole health, regardless of what stage they are in.


What to expect when working with Rebecca:

  • Assistance in identifying core issues, and defining what you want to accomplish
  • Non-judgemental listening, and posing strategic questions that will support you in the development of a clear vision and goal that moves you toward recovery
  • Identification of barriers to recovery, and developing strategies to remove them from your path
  • Development of a clear action plan to move your goals forward
  • Support and encouragement of your self-empowerment through the process of achieving your goals
  • Continual refinement and reflecting on your recovery journey

Rebecca will also assist in the reinforcement of positive coping mechanisms, self-care strategies, and support network development. She brings a unique combination of education in Social Service Work, professional experience, and lived experience to her practice. Her focus is on being strength-based and building resiliency and empowerment. Her approach is different from what is currently available for individuals seeking support, as it is holistic and action-oriented.

Rebecca believes that recovery is a non-linear journey, not a destination, and with this in mind, she strives to compliment the services that are currently available. She does not seek to replace traditional medical services offered. She believes that recovery is not simply the absence of physical symptoms, rather, true recovery is the ability to thrive in life.


Whether you are starting your journey; waiting for other treatment options; in a day program and requiring additional support; have been discharged from other treatment facilities; working through a transition program; or struggling with generalized disordered eating, Rebecca offers insight and strategic intervention to support your goals.


In addition, Rebecca believes in working with families and caregivers. She will support in developing their skills, implementing practical strategies, improve communication techniques, and assist with their own self-care goals while caring for a loved one who may be struggling. In order to make long lasting, impactful change, it is exceedingly beneficial for the family unit to get help, and to work together toward whole health.

Guilt is an emotion that is often expressed from family members, accompanied with the fear that they do not possess the skills or abilities to properly support their loved ones. Rebecca will work closely with the familial unit to address these fears, and empower individuals to support in the healthiest way possible.

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